Upcycling a Pet Feeder to a Planter.

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With about an hour, you can make this handy planter out of an older pet feeder which used to be a bread box. Proving that everything old is new again...and again.
In 2014 I posted and won for my recycled Tupperware pet food and water dish. I unearthed it the other day and I just couldn't make myself give it away.

So I made it into a colorful planter!
Tracing around the edge of the tubs lightly, you want to cut inside just a bit so the lip will work. Remember you can cut a bigger hole, but you can't cut a smaller one.
Fill the planter or just use the empty tubs and fill in what space you can with the glass nuggets. You won't be able to do all the spaces or you wouldn't be able to get the tubs back in so make sure they set in there before you start to decorate it. Use the hot glue gun or if this is to go outside use glass or E-6000 glue.
With the hot glue gun, start the yarn on the end you won't see much or the back. Wrap around and glue at each corner, but if you desire the effect I show, angle the yarn to cross itself. It's more fun that way! I also put a few nuggets on the front, too.
Had a good cry...
Suggested materials:
  • Recycled Tupperware Bread box   (Had at home)
  • Identical cottage cheese or butter tubs with drain holes   (Had at home)
  • Pen and scissors for tracing   (Had at home)
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  • Phyllis Massey Phyllis Massey on Sep 17, 2016
    How did you attach glass beads to mason jars to decorate garden?

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