Upgrade Dinnertime: 7 DIY Napkin Ring Ideas

Don’t underestimate the importance of napkins at the dinner table – sometimes they’re the only barrier between that runny BBQ sauce and your favorite pair of pants! But napkins can do more than protect slacks. These small pieces of cloth can take your table up a decorative notch, especially when they’re paired with an awesome napkin ring.
Are your napkin rings lacking in the awesome department? Easy to change! Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:
1. Feathers.

Flaunt your craftiness by decorating with colorful peacock feathers! These feather napkin rings from Ginger & George are actually printed from acetate paper, but you can find faux feathers in the floral section of most hobby or craft stores. Secure them around fabric or leather strips with decorative string. Tip: For a quicker options, secure your feather with hot glue.
2. Buttons.

Whether they’re stored in the craft room, junk drawer or sewing kit, you probably have a few spare buttons somewhere in your home. Sew a strip of fabric into a loop (make sure it’s wide enough to go around your napkins) and then secure the loop by sewing it in place with a button. Bonus: This is a perfect way to use up smaller pieces of scrap fabric!
3. Printed menus.

Planning a meal fit for kings? Make your delicious dinner the main attraction by printing your menu and turning it into napkin rings. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing them yourself, visit the stationary shop Invited By LamaWorks. They'll print your menus for less than $1 a piece!
4. Lace.

Lace napkin rings are perfect for Mother’s Day brunch and they can add a touch of prestige to your meal. White doilies or leftover lace fabric from previous craft projects can work as a great contrast when paired with brightly colored napkins.
5. Chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard paint can be used virtually anywhere, and the dinner table is no exception! Label the rings with your dinner guests’ names, or draw a unique design on each one.
6. Vintage brooch.

Using vintage jewelry is a great way to gussy up your place at the table. Head to your local flea market or thrift store to find clip-on earrings and vintage brooches. To make them, first tie a ribbon around your napkin (we like the purple velvet ribbon that Lauren from Perpetually Chic chose). Then simply secure your brooches or clip-on jewelry to the ribbon in the center of the napkin.
7. Paper flowers.

Not only are paper flowers pretty, they’re easy to make yourself – that’s why tissue paper flowers are great for adding a pop of color to any table setting. To learn how to make your own, check out this step-by-step tutorial from One Little Project. We think this idea is perfect for outdoor lunches, bridal showers or low-key weddings! Tip: Use two or three colors of tissue paper to give your flowers multiple layers.
See even more examples at: http://bit.ly/7DIYNapkinRings
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Jacalyn Jacalyn on Jun 07, 2015
    I love using cloth napkins and napkin rings. I recently bought a "beachy" tablecloth for our table outdoors and found I didn't have any napkin rings that would look good with it. My solution was to braid 6 pieces of jute (equal lengths), tie the ends together, and to glue a snail shell over the knot. The ends of the jute stick out on either side of the shell.