Barn Wood GPS Coordinates Sign

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This was totally last minute the day before thanks giving I needed something to put on a blank wall in my powder room . Did I mention it cost me $0
I had a piece of barn wood someone was kind enough to give me so this made the project even easier because I didn't have to stain or sand .
This is not the exact piece I used because I forgot to take before pics but I ended up having to make 4 more signs so I stained a new piece of pine to look old .
So for this sign I was putting the coordinates for Clayton ny , it took me few try's to get the lettering just right .
So it's pretty simple on my computer I find the font I like and size I alway do a preview before I print just so I have an idea on the size . Also depending on how large your sign is one word may take 4 sheets of paper .
So using the Carbon Paper method *** I posted the instructions to this on a previous post " Farmhouse Bench using no stencil " I simply traced the letters onto my wood then filled them in using any white paint you may have
Here is my finished sign on barnwood the coordinates are for St.Petersburg Florida it my family's favorite vacation spot . I hope you like it thanks for taking a look
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