From Out of the Wood Pile

I'd been wanting a rustic wooden whale to hang in my bathroom but the space I have to hang it is small, & all the ones I've found were too large.
One day I was looking at the pile of old fencing wood, & I decided to take matters into my own hands.
I dove in & started looking for just the right pieces hoping to find a knot hole appropriately located on one to be used as the eye.
I printed out a whale outline for inspiration to look at, then freehanded my own whale using a regular pencil along with a white pencil on the darker areas of wood so it would be more visible when I was ready to cut.
Next I got busy with my scroll saw, & started cutting. Because of the small space I have to hang the whale it only took two fence slats, I cut the top first.
Next cutting the bottom half.
Final cut, & a coat of mod podge over the whole thing to keep the paint from flaking off more than it already is. Once it dries, I'll round the corners at the top of the head a bit with my dremel sander, & it will be ready to hang! I Love My Whale! =D
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