DIY -Decorative Hanging Flower Design With Wooden Pots.

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Create this simple, beautiful hanging flower design. For this project we are using wooden candle cups, and transforming them into mini pots, and wrapping them in a gold wire. Come along, and create this with me! icon

Hi everyone! I'm so happy that you decided to stop by. Today we are creating a decorative hanging design. This decorative hanging design is beautiful when finished, and it only takes just a few materials. I took a little break from creating, and during my break I came up with this DIY project. I hope that you enjoy this one, just as much as I do!

Start off with gathering all of your materials.

Materials needed for this project

One blank wooden hanging sign 5 x 20 -Original price $6.99. I paid $5.49 Purchased at Michaels

Wood stain (I'm using the color honey)

Four Wood Candle cups (I decided to use these as my mini pots)- I picked these up at my local Joann craft store. Original price is $7.49, but it was discounted, and I paid $4.00 It is an 8 pack

Black paint

Flowers- Wild daisies.- Purchased at Michaels for 2.40 after my discount. Original price is $2.99

Greenery - Using this from another craft

Gold wire- I purchased this some time back at my local Joann craft store

You will need hot glue, and scissors, foam brush, and paint brush.

Gold stickers **optional** -I purchased my gold stickers at my local Joann craft store. They are the thicker stickers.

Start off with staining your wood sign. Take your foam brush, and wood stain and apply it to your wooden sign. I ended up adding two coats of stain on the front, sides, and back of my wooden sign. Set this aside and allow it to dry. I allowed the wood to dry overnight.

Next, take your wood candle cups, and apply paint. Apply paint to completely cover the cup. Be sure to paint the top surface of your cup. I applied two coats of black paint onto my four cups.

Once you have completed the last step, set your wooden cups aside, and allow them to dry.

Now it is time to take your gold wire, and cut them. For this you will want to cut one section of the wire for each cup. You should end up with four strands of gold wire. Begin to wrap your wires around each of the wooden cups. I wrapped the top section of my wooden cups.

Once you have added on your gold wire on each cup, you can now add your wooden cups onto your wooden sign. Take some hot glue, and add some hot glue on the back side of each cup, and add your cup onto your wooden sign.

You're ready to start adding in your flowers, and greenery. Take your scissors, and cut both your flowers, and greenery. Make sure that when you insert them into your wooden cup that you can still see some of the stem on both. If you can no longer see the stem, then chances are your flowers are too short. And since the cup are not real deep, you want to make sure that you don't do that.

When adding in my flowers, I went ahead, and added some hot glue on the back side of each flower, and the greenery. I noticed this helped keep the flowers in place, and there was no worries of any of the flowers, or greenery falling out of the cup. I had some gold leaf stickers that I decided to add to my wooden board. This is completely optional, but I love how the gold looks against the honey color.

That's it, you are all done! All that is left is to hang your beautiful design. I hope that you have enjoyed this simple DIY hands on project. Let me know in the comments below if you'll be creating your very own. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden candle cups   (Joann craft store)
  • Wood plaque 5x20   (Michaels)
  • Wood stain (Honey)   (Lowes)
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