Floral Art and Pallet Wood. #30DayFlip

I was looking for a quick, pretty way to brighten up the walls for Spring. We have a stash of old pallets and I found some oversized daisy-type flowers at our local craft supply store, so I decided to put them together.
I started with some giant faux flowers and an old pallet. Other supplies are tools needed to dismantle and cut the pallet, wire cutters, a drill with a paddle bit and a hot glue gun.
Taking apart these pallets was not easy
To be honest, I got frustrated trying to dismantle the pallet as the wood kept splitting, so I just cut it in sections with my jig saw.
Choose your pieces carefully.
I decided which side of the wood I liked best and lined up the pieces as you would see them once the piece is hung.
ALWAYS have a scrap wood pile!
I used scrap wood (drawer slides from a dresser I took apart for another project) as the horizontal supports on the back of the piece.
A nail gun is a fabulous tool.
I lined the pallet pieces up the way I wanted them and flipped them so I could nail the horizontal slats to the back side of the piece. I used my pneumatic nailer because it's one of my favorite time-saving tools. Be sure to stagger your nails so there is no vertical movement of the pallet wood when your done. (Also, be sure the nails you use are not longer than the thickness of the horizontal slats and pallet wood pieces).
Blurry pic!
Once the horizontal slats were secured, I flipped the piece over and marked straight lines at the top and bottom since my original cuts weren't terribly straight. (Note that I chose to hang my pallet wood vertically).
Pallet wood can be stained or painted.
Finally, I lightly sanded my cut edges and the face of the pallet wood just to clean it up a bit.
I separated the actual flower from the stem and stem cap. (I might find some other use for them at some point).
I used a small paddle bit to drill a hole in the center of the pallet wood piece. It will fit the lead from the flower very snuggly.
Flower lead
Push the lead into the hole in the pallet wood. I put a bit of hot glue on the lead to help secure it in the hole.
Flower lead view from backside of pallet wood
I also filled the remainder of the hole with hot glue, just to be sure that the flower lead wouldn't become loose over time.
Finished product.
Final product. You'll be able to use the horizontal slats to hang the piece on the wall.
The giant daisy flowers come in a rainbow of colors.
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  • Donna Donna on May 07, 2016
    I am confused as to the finished product. I see two separate flowers, two different colors but not sure what the final outcome is supposed to look like. Am I missing something?

  • Holly Holly on May 08, 2016
    What are the final dimensions on this project? The photo of the pallet next to the tape measure leads me to believe it's a fairly small item when completed.

  • Karen Karen on Nov 02, 2020

    How can I clean pallet wood without sanding before I work with it? Mine has dirt and mold.

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  • RoseToti RoseToti on May 10, 2016
    Great idea to brighten up areas on the den fence too. Thanks for this easy project

  • Johnwillingham Johnwillingham on May 21, 2016
    This is something that I have seen for the very first time. Kids would love this DIY. I will try it for sure.