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I love seeing all of the brilliant design ideas on this site and other home and garden sites. They make me think that any time I see potential, I can turn it into something incredible! Which is great....but also a terrible tease. See, I'm a renter and as such, very limited in my home design and decor. I can't change my floors or paint my walls or rip off the doors of my kitchen cabinets, no matter how cute open painted cabinets look (or how much my kitchen could REALLY use some "cute").
I thought there might be others like me out there - who crave design with fierce determination - and I thought, why not collect some renter design from Hometalk and the internet world. So here are some great renter design ideas to give you some hope, keep you dreaming, and maybe allow you to participate (just a bit) in this glorious world of design, decor, and DIY.
There are lots of removable wallpapers out there, but if you can't paint or paper your walls, this blogger recommends hanging big, bold, or personal wall decoration to make your space your own. Make sure to get a strong color scheme going in place of wall color. I love the red in this room, not to mention the three framed canvases!
via Sandra
Sandra had this great idea for taking any open cabinet space that you do have, and putting some gift wrapping paper there to create an accent in your kitchen! I love it because it's so temporary and requires so little effort, that you don't have to feel like you're sacrificing too much for a place you'll be saying good-bye to before long. Speaking of which...
...Cheryl figured out a way to turn an inexpensive place mat into a kitchen backsplash! For me, this is like a dream come true! I would personally use some kind of red place mat (I'm going for bright accents!), but I'm totally copying the concept! Such a great and simple solution, and you can toss it when you move or take it with you!
Without changing the structure of a room there are still lots of ways to give it a drastic face-lift. Just look at what Becca B did to her bathroom! A different color palette, a new shower curtain, some picture change up, and big gold letters on the wall, and she's completely redone her space. I like the letters - I've been considering some bathroom decor options and this looks great!
This one is incredible - Isabelle used flexible magnetic sheeting for these stripes! This door got an upgrade without a drop of paint! THAT's a bold entryway statement for a little hallway - perfect for apartment rentals!
What I learned? Plenty of people before me have been renters and many of them have managed to find ways around that issue and make their tiny or temporary space glorious anyhow. There are lots more ideas here and across the internet world. As for me, I'm going to try a bunch of these ideas (maybe all of them!) to make my little part-time home a little part-time cozier.

If you liked these ideas, check out this site for a what seems to me like a treasure trove of rental design solutions. I'm sure we'll find something to turn these little disparate rooms into a home!

Thanks for reading! And good luck!
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