How to Paint a Moroccan Stencil Accent Wall

12 Hours
I can not even begin to express how happy I am to tell you about creating and executing this project. I have been admiring many how to diy stencil tutorials, but was semi intimidated by them as I am sure you are feeling too.
It is part of my January challenge to makeover my entire bedroom on a small budget to prove that decorating does not have to cost a ton of dough. With a little creativity and time I can create a space unique to me without breaking the bank.
YOU can do it too!
Here is a little back story on the lead up to this project.
It feels like every home I move into I always put the living room as top priority of decorating.
Then any extra space like my bedroom, dining room, or office tends to fall by the wayside if I suddenly pick up a tv show or commercial. The hours in the film industry can be rough. Very early mornings and 12+ hours and sometimes 6 day work weeks. I am sure you can appreciate where I am coming from. Not complaining… just not enough hours in a day.
I chose my bedroom to be my next project because since I moved to my current apartment my bedroom seemed small. With all the furniture I had and the configuration of the room, it seemed like the best design choice. But, I quickly realized this was a bad one. Thus, my lack of care for the need to decorate the space…then I move and the cycle repeats.
The original “before photos” that I took at the beginning of this January challenge conveyed a Plain Jane bedroom.
I need to finish the whole apartment. Here is the next step in achieving my overall Vintage Glam feel to my room.

As a renter, I still think you should nest in your space and make it feel homey.

If your landlord will let you…you could do some simple things to make the place your own. Paint is one of the many solutions to adding some personality to the space.

But please always restore back to its former simple design before moving out. I like to leave places looking better than when I found them. Be a good tenant and person.

To all you fancy home owners, (totally jealous of you) you are so lucky because you can pretty much do whatever you want. Green with Envy!

But the great thing about this project is that most renters and all home owners can do it.

An even better thing… this project cost me absolutely nothing.

Well… nothing but about 12 hours of my time doing something that I love to do. So in my opinion…investment and worth it!
Supplies you will need:

1. 2 Paint Colors **Tips for you**

I chose a kind of warmer gray for my base coat. I don’t have the exact color name or formula because it was paint that was donated to me. After sampling the 2 grey options I have in stock, I went with this one. I recommend choosing a dark base and a light accent (aka the Moroccan shape).

The 2nd color can be whatever you want. Although you could go polar opposite and paint your wall a light color an choose a darker accent color. For my accent color I decided to use some leftover paint from my Vintage Hutch Makeover and it seemed meant-to-be with the gray paint I had.

2. A Computer – which I am pretty sure you already have or have access to one…if you are reading this… I am more of a mac snob but PC’s get the job done too.

3. A Printer – doesn’t need to print any larger than 8.5”x11” pages. You will be printing 4 parts of the shape on 4 separate letter size sheets.

4. Image resizing software - I use photoshop to so a lot of my editing and resizing. But you may be able to resize images on,, or iPhoto.

5. Paint brush - large angled brush and a couple small detailed artist brushes.

6. Thin cardboard or foamcore (whatever you have laying around).

7. Scotch Tape

8. A Level or if you want to roll like me… the level app on my iPhone.

9. Scissors or an Xacto knife with blades.

10. Glue Stick

11. Painter’s Tape

12. Paint Roller Covers and Frame or you could get a painters set.

13. Drop Cloth or Plastic Drop

14. A Pencil
After the shapes have been drawn, you will take one of your small detailed artist paint brushes and begin hand painting in the shape. I really didn’t need to use the stencil as a guide once the shape was drawn, but you may want to use it to help with straight lines and curves.
See the complete tutorial on my blog. Link is below.
Meredith Schneider
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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