Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging From Waste Plastic Bottles!

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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This craft will not only decorate your home but will also give you a satisfaction of recycling some plastic waste!

Decorating the homes with wall hangings is quite trendy these days. With different designs, sizes, colors,and patterns they play a vital role in the home décor. But why go for such costly wall hangings when you can make one on your own.

Yes, using plastic bottles and other decorative accessories, you can easily make a decorative wall hanging craft.

Are you throwing the empty shampoos bottles? Wait a minute. Here is how you can use it for making a wall hanging. Let's Start!

Things needed

  • Three empty shampoo bottles
  • Glitter papers (pink, red and blue)
  • Bangle
  • Mirror beads
  • Bead laces and pearl beads
  • Cutter and glue


  • Take three empty shampoo bottles. Cut down the end portion of the bottle using a cutter. Now cut a thin strip from the bottle. Similarly, cut more strips till you reach the neck of the bottle. Try to cut strips with similar sizes. This would give you many oval rings.
  • Take another oval shampoo bottle and similarly cut out strip rings from it too.
  • Time to color. Take red paint color and color the rings. Cover both the inner and outer surface of the rings. Allow them to dry properly.
  • Take the rings from the second bottle and color it in pink.
  • Now take glitter papers in red and pink. On the red glitter paper, stick the red rings using glue. Apply glue on the edges properly for firm sticking. Stick all the rings on the glitter paper beside each other.
  • Take the pink rings and stick them on the pink glitter paper as you did the red ones. When the sticking is done, take a cutter and cut the rings from the paper. Use scissors for properly trimming the edges. Keep them aside.
  • Now take a bangle and another blue glitter paper. Cut out cardboard in circular shape bigger than the bangle and stick it the glitter paper on it. Using a cutter, cut out the edges of the circle properly.
  • Apply some glue on the bangle and stick it to the cardboard on the glitter side in the center.
  • Now take the pink rings and stick them around the bangle. Use glue between the bangle and ring too for firmness.
  • Now take the red rings. Stick each ring in between two pink rings. Stick them in between properly. Use all the red rings to complete the circle placing them in between the pink ones.
  • Now take some mirror bead in the round and stick it in the center of the bangle and the red strips too. For the pink strips, stick pearl beads in the center. Take a beaded lace and stick it around the center mirror in the bangle.
  • Take some small pearl beads and stick them around the beaded lace. Again, surround the pearl beads using another bead lace.
  • Now take a long bead lace and stick it on the back side of the cardboard for hanging the wall decoration.


So, isn’t it a beautiful and cost-effective wall hanging! You can add more decoration or even use different shapes as per the bottles you use for making the craft.Along with cost-effective, these kind of wall decorations is quite easy and quick to make. It also gives you a chance to bring out the creativity inside you. They can also prove to be amazing gifts for your loved ones.

So, how are you making your wall decoration? Let us know your feedback and innovative ideas too.

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Suggested materials:
  • Old and Empty Plastic Bottles   (Shampoo bottles from Supermarket)
  • Glitter Papers   (Stationary / Craft shop)
  • Old Bangle   (Home)
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