Decorative Christmas Eggs

by Diane

My grandmother used to make these delicate eggs when I was a child. It is a craft I have always wanted to try and it has taken me to the age of 51 to give it a try!! 😊

These are REAL egg shells!!

Carefully poke a hole with embroidery scissors in the side of an egg. Using that hole as your entry, cut a circle about the size of a nickel out of the side of the egg. Let the egg's interior fall into a bowl for a later breakfast!

I then squirt a little dish soap into the egg and rinse, rinse, rinse with warm water. Then lay the eggs upside down to dry.

After the eggs have dried, I then use MODPODGE and a small paint brush and paint the entire egg both inside and outside with the MODPODGE. This greatly strengthens the egg shell to make it more durable.

Once the first layer is dry, you can now use a pair of embroidery scissors to make your hole larger and more to your liking.

I then repaint the inside of the egg with the MODPODGE and shake fine clear glitter all around to cover every nook and crannie!

Once the glitter is dry, proceed to use a hot glue gun and trimmings that are easily purchased from your local fabric store. Use about 1/4" width. Also, craft stores often carry miniature people, animals, etc to put inside the egg in the doll house furniture section!

Last but not least, make a corn starch dough. Recipe is included! I put about a teaspoon of the dough in the bottom of the egg and then push the minature figures into the dough. In a few days, it will dry to very hard holding your figurine secure!!

Enjoy and give this long lost craft!!

I think my grandmother is smiling down from Heaven at me! 😘

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  • San15086575 San15086575 on Dec 07, 2016
    I used to make these yrs ago i would paint a sun or moon or whatever. In back ground when i had good eye site. You do great work.
    • Diane Diane on Dec 08, 2016
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
  • Stephanie Elaine Stephanie Elaine on Apr 28, 2020

    I am certain your Grandmother is smiling. You are very creative and talented. You must get that from your Grandmother. I have did these in the past. They are so fun to make. I even make some for Easter trees, and patriotic ones for the July 4th, into a garland.