Upcycled Wall Sconce. The Lucky Penny Tree.

3 Materials
2 Hours

Heard the saying "find a penny pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck"..

Lol my friend's, family, have given me pennys an i put them in a pot.

The penny pot grew.

So i had lots of lucky pennys. The frame below. Had been vampd up before. But was on it's way to the bin the glass gems had broke.

Still the frame was in good con.

I grabbed some 2ps out the copper jar this would be a lucky penny tree.

So heres my money tree now.

Here's how it looked before. A bit worn out..An very tierd looking.The 2ps an 1ps fitted just nice.

I Bought this years ago..

But had been in my stash.

The part was horrid breaking the glass jems out.

*Be carefull if you do try this."They shatter!.

I used a butterknife. Then i needed to clean away the old glue. once i did this

It was time to start to paint.

I used a fast drying brass paint for metel..

I gave 2 coats .. I was just going to paint the flowers.

But i painted it all.

Now time to use my glue gun an stick these pennys down..

I noticed some were older then others..1971.1978. 1981 an so on ..The older pennys i put to the top off the tree.

Doing this part was fun. I thought about my nan telling me about the penny from heaven story. Meny years ago. All the pennys i had for good luck..

This is my lucky penny tree looking lovely.

The penny's will age more, an one day might not in circulation any longer?.

But i will still have my lucky penny tree. Pleased i revamped this frame.

Love how it shines also...

Do you ever have a friend pass a penny to you for good luck?.if so keep them make a goodluck tree

Or if you find a random penny around your home pick it up.

It could be a gift from heaven.

Has anybody heard the penny from heaven story?..if not. "you will think im nuts! ..Its a old story..

Suggested materials:

  • Pennys 2ps an 1ps   (Heaven)
  • Gluegun   (Art frame needed upcycled)
  • Fast dryin copper paint..   (My craft box)

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