Pallet Wood Clock

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2 Hours
I had a old steel ring sitting around and i thought it would make a good clock.

I thought I would try and use up lots of bits I had already for this project.

I started by ripping down some strips of pallet wood down to random widths.

I tested to see if I had enough to fit the ring.

As you can see I had a collection of stains of stains and waxes that I wanted to use up on this project. 

I gave all the strips a sand down. 

I stained all the strips, using as many colours as I could. 

I arranged the strips into a random looking patten. Then I applied some glue to the edge. 

The strips could then be glued and clamped together.

When the glue had dried it was time to cut the circle out. At first I planned for the wood to sit inside the metal ring but changed my mind and wanted it to sit on the wood. 

I used a router to cut it out but a bandsaw or jigsaw would work. 

The ring just got held into place with some epoxy. This is going to hang on a wall and not get a lot of wear and tear so this is more than strong enough. 

When the epoxy had dried I could drill a hole though the centre. The router jig had left a mark where the centre was. I could then fit the clock moment. 

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Thats it all done. I hope you enjoyed this. I like the rustic look on my brick wall.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood
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