Floral Wallpapers to Add Charm to Your Home

Floral patterns are seen all over in interior design, fashion, and everyday objects. It is a classic and timeless pattern that never goes out of style! There are so many types of floral wallpapers there is sure to be an option you will fall in love with. Keep in sync with all these new trends here: http://www.wallsrepublic.com/confirm-subscription-s/2042.htm
Floral Inspiration Board
Carmine Dwell Floral Bird Wallpaper R2313
Floral Wallpaper Trend: Chinoiserie

For a traditional vintage vibe, this Asian inspired bird and leaf pattern gives the perfect vintage feel without looking dated. Its bold colours make it a bright and lively addition to a hallway or bedroom. It has been featured in House and Home’s Toronto wallpaper transformation here: http://www.hometalk.com/diy/decorate/walls/wallpaper-makeover-made-easy-in-this-surprising-home-transformation-3877741
Floral Medallion Denim Wallpaper R1903
Floral Wallpaper Trend: Geometric

Geometric floral patterns bring a heightened contemporary feel that is right on trend with current design styles. The abstracted floral forms are graphic and playful perfect for that bold feature wall.
Passion Red Striped Floral Wallpaper R1764
Floral Wallpaper Trend: Striped

Striped floral patterns offer a stripped down and refined way to add floral patterning to your interiors. The traditional rose pattern is made contemporary with the striped pattern and is a highly fashion forward option.
Sage Gold Striped Floral Wallpaper R1926
Floral Wallpaper Trend: Glass Bead & Metallic

Glass beads are a rich luxurious way to bring floral patterns into your home. The glass beads make any space elegant and bounce light around for an unmatched look.
Ochre Floweret Floral Wall Mural M8838
Floral Wallpaper Trend: Murals

Floral wallpapers are so versatile from updated traditional patterns, to contemporary geometrics, to wall murals, there are so many options for you to fall in love with!

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