Make a Witchy Grandfather Clock for Halloween

30 Hours
This Witchy Grandfather Clock stands approximately 5'5" tall. It's real easy to make but it is time consuming. From design to completion it took me approximately 30 hours, not counting drying time, to complete my Witchy Grandfather Clock.
Materials Used for the Witchy Grandfather Clock:
3 Boxes
-Large – 34 1/2” Tall x 17”Wide x 13”Deep
-Medium – 13 1/2”Tall x 18 ½”Wide x 6 ½”Deep
-Small – 10 ½”Tall x 14”Wide x 4 ½”Deep
Piece of Foam Board (.10)
Plastic Plate (1-$.25)
2” Paint Brush (.33)
3 Pipe Cleaners (.50)
Raffia ($.50)
Green Noodle Board ($1)
Brown Napkins (1pk $1)
Purple Napkins (1 pk-$1)
Black Napkins (3 pks-$3)
Decorative Shoes (2-$2)
Foam Letters (2pks-$2)
Foam Numbers ($1)
Plastic Bowl ($1)
Mod Podge (16oz-$6, 32oz-$12)
Twine (on hand)
2 chopsticks (on hand)
Glitter Glue-Gold & Silver (on hand)
Glitter Paint (on hand)
Patio Paints-Pot ‘O Gold, Crystal, Drizzle Grey, Petunia Purple, Pansy Purple, Pumpkin, Pinecone Brown (on hand)
Decorative Cat (on hand)
1 Wrapping Paper Tube (on hand)
7 Paper Towel Tubes (on hand)
Free Printouts Found on Internet – 3 Witches and Witch on Broom
Paper towel tubes painted gold are used for the clock chimes.
A noodle board (found at the Dollar Tree this summer) was used for the topper. I cut out the moon and stars and then Mod Podged black napkins onto it. Complete directions can be found on my website.

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