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Don't quite remember where I got this little frame with a french frienship saying, but it has to either be in the recycling center or garage sales. One thing is certain I did not pay more than $1.00 for it. When I go to my friend's shop, that supplies me with my live edge wood, I always pick up a few planks, mostly maple wood, and I keep them on hand just for this kind of windy, rainy, cool weather. So I can keep busy as I suffer from seasonal affective disorder and I have a skin allergy to the cold.
I did not take a photo of the sign when I puchased it, it had a very tiny black frame and most probably came from a dollar strore. An english translation "Friends can reach your HANDS and touch you HEART" I had some leftover jute rope that I had already braided for cat scartcher projects and I used them to frame the sign and as hanger cord.
I sanded my plank and glued my sign with gorilla wood glue as it was already glued to a cheap piece of wood.
I had some hooks from Dollarama and used 2 of them, one on each side. I am guessing that you could hang your purse or umbrella a the front door.
I punched a hole in with a nail punch so that it would be easier to screw my hooks.
I have a handheld battery operated screwdriver, I can also use drill bits besides a whole bunch of scewdriver bits. My favorite tool sofar, it is rechargable.
I also use my rope as a hanger. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS SIMPLE PROJECT.
Suggested materials:
  • Plank of maple wood   (from a friend he's a boat builder)
  • Framed saying on jute with wood backing   (garage sale)
  • Jute rope   (any hardware or dollar store)
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