DIY Easy Kindergarten Graduation Gift and MORE Kindergarten Graduation

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When I ordered little surprises for Ana’s kindergarten class, early on in Feb, I had big plans to make kinder graduation goodie bags for the kids. I wanted them to have a few fun, small kindergarten graduation gifts.

Goodies that would make them smile,

and squeal with excitement!

Thanks to a sponsored partnership with my go-to for party and craft supplies, Oriental Trading (OTC),

the bags were to be filled with cute graduation duckies,

blue and silver Hershey kisses (symbolic of their school colors), mini bubbles, small bouncy balls, and stickers.

The bags would have been passed out right after the kids finished their kinder graduation ceremony

I knew the kids would love all the surprises within.

But now here we are today… canceled graduation, distance learning continuing strong and quarantining in place.

Now instead of goodie bags, plans are to leave a sweet Graduate Keepsake Jar, filled with candy, on a few buddies’ doorsteps.

Knowing how much Baby Girl loves her wonderful kinder teacher and teacher aide, I’m thinking we just might make two additional jars!

Yes, this new normal is strange but we must continue to make lemonade with our lemons.

One of the Easiest DIY Kindergarten Graduation Gifts for Your Young Graduate

This Keepsake Jar is so easy to put together and is such a sweet reminder of a special event in your kindergartener’s life.


2 packs of crayons (24 crayon packs will be best)

A 16 oz mason jar or any glass jar that’s a little bigger in height to the crayons

A hot glue gun

A graduation duck of choice


1. Apply a dab of hot glue on a crayon and stick it on the glass jar, vertically.

2. Continue doing this till the surface of the jar is covered completely with crayons.

3. Once done, apply hot glue on the base of the graduation duck and stick it firmly on the face of the jar’s lid.

4. Now fill the jar with your sweet graduate’s favorite chocolates/candy.

You can even swap edible treats with fun surprises like small squishies, stickers, LEGO figures, tiny cars, and/or mini slime packs.

Such a sweet keepsake!

If you know a senior or college graduate who’s missing graduation this year too, would you make him/her this beautiful Inspirational Promise Jar, to give with your graduation gift to them?

Graduation, this year, is not the same. Yes, it will be strange and will never be forgotten, but with these small gestures of love, it can still be one that is fondly remembered, with love.

Looking for more Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas?

Here are some of my favorite recommendations:

  • Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You Will Go Book:

Gift it to your child for their kindergarten graduation and have their teacher(s) write a message for the young graduate. Do this with all the teachers in the years following, all the way till high school. During your child’s high school graduation, re-gift the book filled with inspirational messages from all their teachers from kinder all the way till high school.

  • Assortment of The Best Activity Books!
  • A personalized book

You can actually get the first book for free. You only have to pay $3.99 for shipping and for your second month forward, you pay $19.99 (free shipping) to get a personalized book delivered to your home and each additional sibling can get their own personalized book for $9.99. ( The character is completely personalized to look as close as possible to your child)

If after receiving the first book or 3rd you feel this isn’t something you want to continue, you can cancel the subscription without any hassles.

  • Educational Jigsaw Puzzles
  • More Kinder Graduation Gift Ideas: Books, Adorable Plush, and Keepsakes.
  • An unforgettable experience. My daughter will never forget her beluga encounter experience. This wasn’t a kinder graduation gift but was a birthday gift. It would have made for one stellar kindergarten graduation gift though!
  • Membership to a nature park, amusement park, zoo etc.

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