Create a Mock Mudroom for Your Small Space

When you rent an apartment, it's difficult to find space for a mudroom. However, residents of small spaces have just as many coats, umbrellas and wet shoes that require organized storage as those in larger habitats.
Here's how to create a pseudo-but-functional "mudroom" for your apartment.
temporary mudroom bench
Utilize a space near your entry or doorway - just a piece of the wall is sufficient. Start by "establishing" the space with an attractive piece of furniture. A low bench or table is ideal.
Add visual interest to the furnishing by placing eye-catching accessories on it, such as a textured throw and/or decorative pillows.
Make your own labels with a sharpie marker
Create "his" and "her" labels (or customize with your family's names) to place on individual bins.
Use wire, wicker or whatever material bins appeal to you and fit under the bench or table. These can serve as storage for shoes, boots and umbrellas.
Next, utilize the wall space above your bench or table by mounting hooks, again using the material/aesthetic of your choice. You can even make your own!
Hang coats, slickers, keys and bags from the hooks.
While there are shoes below and coats above, the eye remains fixated on the centerpoint of the "mudroom" in a harmonious visual display. Enjoy your ingenious organization on the next rainy day in your small space!

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