A Long Overdue Remodel in Progress

24 Hours
Bad weather pulled up a few om my shingles and left water spots on my old car board tile ceiling, so time to remodel!!!
I ripped all the old ceiling down to bare 1x4 runners and decided to go with corrugated tin
This was nasty! Old insulation and cardboard everywhere, but I made it....and by the way get help if you can, I did the whole thing by myself...included hanging 16 ft sheets of tin!!! Not fun but it worked out
We are currently waiting on spiral duct work to replace this old box style that had a wooden frame built around it..pay no attention to him.
After a long couple day and a few more I finished the tin, hanging lights kinda, and waiting to come back home from working off to finish the molding around and install molding...cost was mostly lights wow they are expensive...tin was only 600 to do my whole ceiling in living room and kitchen. Which isn't pictured, not yet anyway
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  • Heartbeat Heartbeat on Dec 07, 2015
    I really can't see the texture of the metal sheeting. Is it regular coragated metal like for a roof ?

  • Holly Heim Briggs Holly Heim Briggs on Dec 07, 2015
    How do you plan to finish out the HVAC duct than runs through?

  • B Bridgett B Bridgett on Dec 07, 2015
    Nice job!! What are the big square thing at the end? Nice idea an nice lights!!

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