New Age Accessories: How to Implement Area Rugs in Your Interiors

Rugs are a design statement and accessory that can work well, but it can also bring disharmony into your home. However, if you know exactly what you want, then it will be easy to make a beautiful design that will work well with your home.
However, you need to take a few things into consideration when choosing the right rug for you interior design: depending on how much wear and tear the area will receive, you need to choose a material which will be durable and easy to maintain.
Stressful rugs

One of the best materials to choose from is wool. Wool rugs, can be cleaned more easily and have patterns which will be able to hide the inevitable signs of the room being used frequently. With a wool rug, you will not only bring in a bit of warmness into your home, you will be able to hide stains, shedding and even spills. Just make sure to clean your rug regularly.

Moreover, this rug is great as it will be family friendly, meaning that no matter what goes on in that room, the rug will be able to sustain it.
Choose the size

Depending on how big of an area you want to cover, you will need to choose the right size. If you do not want wall-to-wall rugs, then you can get an area rug, which will be just big enough to cover a specified patch in the desired room you wish to decorate.

Whether you will follow the rules on how to set up your rug, is completely up to you and your interior look. However, remember that bigger is not always better, the same goes with choosing the right rug as well. Remember that a rug will require some maintenance as well.


Do not be afraid to experiment and to try bold patterns where they should not usually go, you would be surprised how much a little change can do to your interior design. However, be careful as not every change is a good one.
Break the monochromic

Rugs in general are a good way to bring some color into your home. You will be able set up your room in a way that will be stylistic and unique at the same time. Just be careful what colors you will choose. You do not want any colors to clash now do you?

Use it to define

Rugs are not supposed to be only in rooms where you need to add that something to make it feel complete. Rugs can also be used to create smaller spaces in a room. By combining more rugs you can create a small space that can be used for something else, and you can also create multiple spaces by just using rugs in a single room.

Overall, area rugs and rugs in general are a good way to define where one room can end, and where the next one starts.
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