How can I update a curved ceiling?

Mary Dodge
by Mary Dodge

My 1940s colonial home has dormer windows. So, on the inside, the builders created a sloping curve in all of the upstairs rooms to accommodate the angle. Any suggestions on how to redo the ceilings on a budget? I'm looking for a soft look, nothing dramatic.

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  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Jan 20, 2019

    I loved sloped ceilings! I've always wanted a room in my house like what you have. Here are some ideas that you might like:

    • Mary Dodge Mary Dodge on Jan 20, 2019

      Thank you, I did check out the website. Those rooms are so much bigger than mine! My problem may be that I have an irregular ceiling. The upslope doesn't meet the higher ceiling at a sharp angle, instead it has a gradual curve to join the two. I go to a lot of area estate sales and have yet to see a ceiling joined like mine!

  • Love those ceilings! I would leave as is. Adds to the charm of the home. You would need major construction to change them.

  • Emily Emily on Jan 20, 2019

    do you mean you want to do the entire ceiling or do you mean you want to decorate the slanted part over the bed? Do you mean in all bedrooms or just this one? Yours is a sweet looking room. If it were mine and I wanted to decorate the angle only I would get a very full, sheer fabric, put a rod where the angle meets the ceiling and another where the angle meets the wall. Gather the full fabric on the rods (you would need to sew a channel in the fabric for these) and leave enough for a flouncy valance hanging over the bed. Make curtains to match. This is the type of fabric I mean. Here there are two separate curtain widths, the sheer fabric is very full and goes to the floor.

    • Mary Dodge Mary Dodge on Jan 20, 2019

      I saw ideas for the vintage metal tile look, but don't know if they'll flex to follow the ceiling contours. I'm looking for something for the entire ceiling, primarily to help cover stress cracks that keep opening up (I've been in this house over 40 years and want the update to last!). Not looking for a remodel or to change the structure. Thanks.

      P.S. I'm glad you like my room. I recently redid my short wall with flooring from the Habitat Store. I put the sparkle stuff in the wall paint, my granddaughter thinks it's magical!

  • Emily Emily on Jan 20, 2019

    Oh, O.K. I get where you are headed. In our attic which has compound angles my husband installed fake beadboard when we wanted to use this space for sleeping grandchildren. Although this was inexpensive it was difficult to install 1) because of the compound cuts and because when this house was built there was no standardized spacing for studs or attic joists. 2) it was hard to nail through the material with just hand tools. 3) It was hard to work at the angles of the attic which is hip roofed. Positive things. You don't need to paint if you like white. It is easy to wash. It has kind of a cottage look. My husband is a fairly tall man and in good shape and a skilled worker.

  • What about wallpaper?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Sep 03, 2023

    Do them same colour as walls!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Sep 03, 2023

    A textured wall paper would hide the stress cracks, depending on how serious they are.

  • Deb K Deb K on Sep 04, 2023

    Hi Mary, here are some fabulous ideas for you to check out.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 06, 2024

    You should be able to get some ideas from these pictures: