My Landscaping Adventure!

well this is my landscaping adventure. i have been attempting to bring my backyard back to somewhere i can enjoy being out there. i have been attempting this major project myself as i am on a budget and no longer have the ex husband to maintain the lawn & between working nights, lack of help, and budget it will take me a little longer than i would like, but i am determined to enjoy being in my backyard again. the good thing is i only have 3yrs left on mortgage..(.whew not soon i love being outside and do not mind the labor that is involved with making things come to fruitation, but i am only one person and i think its going to take a little longer than i would like...but i am determined!
my attempt is to screen in patio area and to make a extension patio off the existing one and to eliminate some grass in the back so i can better maintain the yard. in front of the patio area i laid some pebble stones down, a idea that came to me as i was going along. i am having to redo this year because the weed block is useless and will be laying down old carpet in area, as to not have to deal with the weeds popping out again. i want to add natural privacy around the perimeter of the yard and to incorporate some more flagstone and pavers/pebble stones as a way to do away with grass.(.oops i mean weeds right i am awaiting answers on how the best way to eliminate 80% of the weeds i have growing out back, which is a source of major contention for me!...currently have cleaned out three garden beds around perimeter & need to totally kill out grass/weed in designated areas around yard. around my swing area i am going to put a checker board paver in front of swing and surround rest of area with pavers and pebbles. i would have finished most of that this year, but i got a unforeseen water leak that has to be taken care of.....well patience has been a whole big part of this nightmare of a yard, but hoping one day i will see the fruits of my labor! posted whenever i finish....
killing grass to put down pavers in.... 2011 starting yard makeover...what am i
paver patio off of existing patio
excavated area off of patio, laid useless weed block, and put pebbles stones down using two colors
black plastic laid out
black plastic laid out
corner garden bed cleaned out. will post pics update 2013
a mess!
their is hope!...2013...looks 100% better
swing area where i will put checkerboard and stones
will be killing out all area behind swing and laying stone/pavers down
opposite side of yard, putting in pampas grass along fence
never let anyone tell yardwork is easy! i luv it...just wish i had some help.......
almost done digging!
placing and spacing
in ground
amazing how fast pampas grass grows!
mulched and watered down
lotta yard, putting up shed in this back area
planted a palm which is growing really nice
edging with monkey grass...lilrope gathered from the yard, i have it everywhere
the yuccas have taken off and blooming as i speak!
opposite side, planted yuccas from existing plants in front
good idea until those darn weeds started rearing their ugly head...why do they sell weed block in the store..its a rip off!
almost finished and ran out of red chips...go figure!
gardenia in back right...moving to another area
night time view
night time
night time
night time
stones for my redneck couch seen on pinterest...hey that not the name i gave it
this stuff is all over my yard, blooms purple in spring till early summer, throws seed everywhere, gathering off shoots and putting it behind the swing area in a half circle
gardenia blooming
the purple stuff, does anyone know what it is?
purple stuff
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  • Kathryn Kathryn on May 20, 2021

    I see what hard work you have done. Good results. Use cardboard for weed barrier, works much better and you get rid of boxes.

  • Kathy Kathy 4 days ago

    Lots of projects. I hope it goes well.