Helping the Trees

My husband and I love our fruit trees, but the lawn was stressing them out. Now that Dry Season is in full swing we needed to do something to ensure they were getting all the water and nutrients they needed.
Lawn Around tree
We cleared all the grass and weeds from around the plants taking the drip-line into consideration for this we used a garden fork and hand pulling be sure to use gloves and a dry sunny day. Loosening the soil helps your tree produce a stronger root system and allows you to influence the direction they grow in.
Removing lawn and weeds
We also purchased a special soil mix with chip wood to keep moisture in when we water. We purchased some lawn barrier linings that create an impenetrable wall that roots can not get through.
Some of the Tools needed
now not only does it look neat, its functional and the trees will be happy as weeds become tangled up in the root systems, making them very difficult to eradicate. They will compete with shrubs and trees for nutrients so must be removed.
And finally
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