Raised Garden Beds

Some pictures of the raised beds we built and have in our garden
all done!
My 'helper'
all set up and seedlings planted
second bed with plants
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  • Jeanne Jeanne on Apr 22, 2013
    Gigi - although I haven't tried the method in this video, I plan on it... and it can be done on concrete - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpOSa3MlgSY&feature=youtu.be&t=54s

  • Jeanne Jeanne on Apr 22, 2013
    very nice... question about using it on your slopes... did you bury the legs at different depths and if you did, what did you do in the corners that were sort of off the ground to keep the soil from running out? My yard has lots of slopes and this is one challenge I haven't quite figured out since digging the existing soil is out of the question for several reasons - too much effort, too many tree roots, rock hard clay soil... I could go on. :)