Yellow Rose European Dish Garden to Brighten Your Day!

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Does the weather have your feeling blah? Brighten your spirits with a bright yellow rose European dish garden!

From snow, ice, torrential rain fall and even tornadoes, the weather in January can really dampen your spirits! I have an easy way to help brighten those spirits! All it takes is a quick trip to the grocery store or nursery , a planter , some moss and you are on your way to a more cheery day!

What is A European Dish Garden?

By definition, a European Dish Garden combines green and blooming plants.  A European Dish Garden is simple to make because the plants are left in their individual pots and grouped together in a basket , container or pot.  If you have been following my journey, you may know that my roots are in gardening .

One of my very favorite things to make when I was in the flower shop were European Dish Gardens! I also loved to make patio pots! I tried to always have a good selection of green and blooming plants on hand to work with. Now that I don’t have my own shop, I have to rely on what is available at the grocery store or the nursery. I have been really pleased with the quality of plants available at the local grocery store! The poinsettia that was featured in this blog pos t is still looking wonderful over 2 months later!

Let’s Put it Together

After you have chosen your container and purchased your plants, you are ready to put the dish garden together. I removed the foil cover from the plants and placed the first plant in the container. Since this was a long, linear container there wasn’t a lot of art involved in putting it together. Sometimes with other shapes of containers, you may need to play around with the placement of the plants to figure out what works best. With this one, I did try the two roses together with the ivy on the end but I thought it looked clumpy.

After you get the plants in the container, you are ready to add the sheet moss. Sheet moss helps keep moisture in and helps disguise the edges of the pots.

I chose to leave the moss dry this time. I will sometimes dampen the moss, wring it out and use it damp and secure with greening pins .

Once you are finished with your dish garden, you are ready to place it in a spot in your home where it will get bright light during the day. As a precaution, I would place a tray or coasters underneath the planter. I would avoid placing the planter on a piece of wood furniture if at all possible to protect against moisture damaging the wood.

Thinking about giving this as a gift?

A dish garden makes a great gift! You can even incorporate the language of flowers into your gift! In Victorian times, they assigned meaning to the different herbs and flowers.  Roses mean love and beauty and yellow roses mean friendship. Two of the meanings of ivy are friendship and affection! This yellow rose and ivy European dish garden would be a great gift for your best friend!

One last look

Let’s Believe That Spring is Coming along with Brighter Days!!!

Suggested materials:
  • 2 4" mini rose bushes   (grocery store)
  • 1 4" ivy plant   (grocery store)
  • 1 faux concrete planter   (garden center)
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Kimberly Snyder
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