Easy DIY Bean Teepees

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Give your garden a vertical edge with easy DIY bean teepees. They're easy to put together, and your beans will thank you!
Begin by deciding where you'd like your teepees to stand. I have raised beds where I used the square-foot gardening method, so I simply choose four squares.
Grab long wooden or coated stakes. These can be found at your local hardware store or on Amazon. I used 4- 72inch stakes for one teepee, and 5 stakes for another. Whether you use 4 or 5 stakes really just depends on the shape you want your teepee to take (square or more circular).
Place stakes in ground simply using firm pressure. Hopefully your garden soil is ready to plant at this point, so you should have no problems driving in your stakes by hand. Then gather the tops of your stakes together and secure using a zip tie or sturdy twine. Trim off any excess zip tie (this will keep you from providing local birds with an extra perch).
You can then plant your bean seeds. I usually plant 3-4 seeds around each stake. For the past several years, I've used Kentucky Pole Beans. (Be sure you don't have bush bean seeds; these do not require a support system.)
Finally, you can add an extra support system, if desired. Take good twine and tie it to the bottom of one of your stakes. Then unrolling the twine as you go, wrap the twine around the next stake. Move up an inch or so as you wrap the twine around each stake. You're simply creating a slanted line of twine between each stake. Tie off the twine at the top of the last stake. Wait for your beans to grow, and they'll grab onto the stakes and twine themselves!
As your plants fill in, you'll barely be able to see the teepees themselves because of beans and leaves. Enjoy the beauty (and bounty) of having this vertical element in your garden!
Suggested materials:
  • Garden Stakes   (Lowe's)
  • Twine
Courtney |The Kitchen Garten
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