Peppers for the Pantry

This is our Pepper crop from plants to Pantry. We grew some different varieties this year to try them out. Oh what fun!
We grew Cayenne, Pablano, Kung Pao, Chenzo, Mole, Chili, Anaheim, Serrano, Italian roasters and a few other varieties.
After harvest, we placed peppers by variety on racks in our home build food drier.
After the drying process, we brought them in to prepare for making powders our of some and leave some whole.
We used our Ninja to pulverize the peppers. It does a fairly good job.
These heavy food grade zip locks we found at our local auction were perfect for storage. Glass jars are also very good for storage of Spices.
And done. "It's going to be a hot time in the old town tonight"!
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