10 Great Worm Composting Bin Ideas and Tutorials

The importance or you can say utility of the worm compost bin is certainly known to those who have backyard fellows or garden spaces. A question might be popping in your head, “How to make a worm bin”. Well, that is not an issue, if you have some crazy plans to follow. Let us start with great yet simple ideas leading to wonderful diy worm bins.
With the help of a worm composter you can utilize the waste food in efficient way, as it would be transformed to a rich fertilizer. It does not emit odor, rather it’s a simple maintenance system. Here you go:
Buy a packet of red worms; they are a bit different from typical earthworm types.
You need two bins, one for holding the worms and this contains holes on the sides; while, and the other bin would be used for drainage. You need to drill holes in the bottom on the upper bin as well. Put in the wet newspapers and other scraps and slight sprinkle water over it. Don’t forget to add the worms, and fix the bin over the drainage tub.
local store. Steps to follow in order to get a perfect vermicomposter include:
Make small holes for drainage
Provide ventilation (placement)
Prepare the bedding
Add and feed the worms
Harvest your soil and keep on checking.

Farhan Sheikh
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  • User User on Nov 29, 2019


    In the first worm bin(wooden), how do you prevent worms to escape under through the screen?

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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 27, 2014
    Douglas, I draw the line on this! With guys, I have put up with some weird things over the years but, NO WORMS INSIDE! HA! Son has made a composting bin outside. We are transplanting some things soon and will be employing most of them "work the soil" to help our efforts.

  • Sue Callahan Sue Callahan on May 14, 2015
    I do believe I'll do this!