The Most Beautiful Home Ever....Is Actually a Cave! Watch This Video!

If you've ever had a dream you wished would come true, then you understand Ra Paulette, an almost 70-year-old man, who is neither an architect nor a structural engineer, but built an entire breathtaking a cave.
Complete with decorated walls, a hot tub, stair cases, natural sunlit windows, and so much more, Ra Paulette created these caverns himself without any prior experience! After checking this guy out I was incredibly inspired, so I wanted to inspire my fellow Hometalkers too!
The Tree of Human Kindness - 900 work hours
Ra Paulette is totally self taught, and has spent the past 25 years scraping & cave-digging from his own imagination. He sees this endeavor as an environmental project, which will open people up to their deepest emotions. He hopes that upon entering one of his cave creations, visitors will be instantly and profoundly awed - and, as you'll see for yourself, he certainly succeeded!
The outdoor view in New Mexico
Ra Paulette never feels lonely out there. As he builds, using only hand tools like shovels, scrapers, and more, he enjoys the wilderness and the quiet.
Electricity power in this cave's office
As you can see, you can basically do anything decor-wise that you would do in your regular home. Here's a bed room, a book shelf, and even a light to read by! Not sure if there's WiFi, but hey, being out there makes you yearn for some disconnected least for a little while ;).
A beautiful bath tub with running water
Look at this magnificent mosaic bathroom with sunlight streaming in through the window! Would you believe that Ra Paulette built this at a rate of $12 an hour for labor! He's not trying to make a fortune with these cave dwellings -- he just wants a chance to create. I think that when you do something you love, the money is just a side point.
He calls this art method The Cave Effect
He says that being underground but having the daylight come through creates opposites and intimacy, even with columns that are 30-40 feet high. With all of that height and space, he managed to create a calm atmosphere through his sculpting.

See more by watching the following CBS Sunday Morning you tube video:
Personally, I greatly admire this man, who is willing to work so hard to fulfill his extraordinary dream. Not only is his work beautiful, his story is an important lesson that we can all learn from. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Feel free to share your thoughts after watching the video. Enjoy!
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