Refectory Dining Table Makeover

I had a refectory dining table from 1940's? in my garage for about 18 months. I had tried to use a refinisher for the top, but it did not cover the scratches and left a pale round mark still showing on the table. So I bit the bullet and sanded the top back to the bare wood. The details on the legs also need some work as they look worn away so I don't want to remove those blocks as they are held on by dowl pegs. The whole table is made by Wedge and Rail method and instead of screws and hardware, there are wooden pegs holding the top on and I think you can see the wedge on the supporting rail at the end of the table. I want to bring the top back to a deep Walnut using stain and perhaps I will sand, repair and paint the frame white. So here is some snaps of the top sanded back and the first coat of stain which was applied with a soft cloth. I may go over it again with a brush to get better and more even coverage and deepen the colour. It will then get a coat of poly to protect the top. I will post again when complete.
One more coat of white paint to go!
Almost done - just one more coat of white paint to the base and she will be looking for a new home! The top has 4 light coats of Walnut stain with two coats of polyurethane protector over that with a light sand between the coats of poly.
Sanded ready for stain
First coat of walnut stain
Damaged feet - need sanding to enable a paint job

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  • Sherrie Sherrie on Nov 29, 2014
    You also need to repost this before and after! It turned out great!

    • Carole Carole on Nov 29, 2014
      @Sherrie I put the latest photo to the beginning of this post but could post another snap once it is all completed and perhaps photograph in a better setting than my untidy garage! LOL!

  • Sherrie Sherrie on Nov 29, 2014
    I am not great at taking pictures. And your garage looks way better than mine! But I love the white against the dark top. It just pops! And yes you really need to repost this. I would love to see some more of your painting! I am very impressed.

    • Carole Carole on Nov 29, 2014
      @Sherrie Thanks so much for your kind comments. I hope I can find it a new home. It will be making it's debut on ebay once the paint is all finished and dry.