The Ackermans' Slab Wood Countertops Made From Granicrete!

Dream Home Supply, LTD.
by Dream Home Supply, LTD.
WOW!!! This was a custom job like none other that we have done thus far! We even impressed ourselves and in the process we created a new edge style that we'll simply call the "bark" edge.
We aren't positive, BUT... We haven't seen anything like this from any other Granicrete installs in the entire country! It was so interesting and fun for us since it was the first time we actually got to do a design that wasn't a stone look.
Our clients wanted something rustic that would match the hunting lodge style of their home. It was a huge privilege to get to work on a home that the client's father built in the 1960's. It is absolutely awesome!
We covered their Formica counter tops from the 60's and no one would guess that it is still there under that concrete!
Who would have ever thought that we could re-create a wood look with nothing but concrete, a trough, and some coloration?!?!?!... and of course the epoxy top coat!
What do you think about our rustic design??
We thought the illusion of an end cut gave it a more natural look with another area of interest
We loved the chandelier you can see in the reflection. It was from an old Brown Derby restaurant.
This in-progress picture shows some of the texture present in the counter top that was created with the Granicrete. This picture is also before the "bark" edge coloring was applied.
This photo shows the final coloring done just before the epoxy goes on.
The "bark" edge was a new creation to work with this concept. Do you think we pulled it off???
The texture that is present in the counter top is what really adds to the realism of the design. The Granicrete products that we use allow us to do some pretty cool stuff during the process.
We transitioned the direction of the grain into and out of the corners with the final trough coat. The coloring process is what brings it to life
We also did an end cut look on the counter top where the bread box is located
The lines you see is from the removal of another counter top process that was at the end of its useful life and needed to be scraped off. We wanted to make sure the concrete was actually sticking to a suitable and stable substrate.
This is the pattern of the original 1960's Formica we were covering up.
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  • Shandele Broyles Shandele Broyles on Jul 07, 2018

    Why did you not show how you did it?

    • Dream Home Supply, LTD. Dream Home Supply, LTD. on Jul 07, 2018

      Hi Shandele,

      This was one our first projects and we were thinking about that yet. We were happy to remember to get the pictures we! This concrete overlay process is done with a product called Granicrete and you have to be certified by a Granicrete Distributor to be able to purchase the products. But you bring up a good point... we should do a video of the process! Thanks!

  • Dreamingcreek Dreamingcreek on Jan 03, 2019

    I need this in my log cabin bathrooms!! So beautiful.