Okay, I Added Duct Tape to a Piece of Furniture!

I bought a thrift shop stool and after removing the tape with the price of $2, I found out why it was $2!
So I "mended" it with duct tape!
A little duct tape, a little paint, and a cute painting style and it's ready for the workshop.
I did notice a tear in the living room leather sofa...Hum!
Now I know why it was only $2.
You haven't lived until you've tried to weave duct tape!
My finished woven duct tape stool. I dipped painted the legs. I know, so last year! But I missed trying this style. Perfect for the workshop!
Hum, the leather sofa has a tear!!
Country Design Style-Jeanette
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  • Dianna Blumricl Dianna Blumricl on May 10, 2014
    Try goo gone, it should remove tape glue.

    • @Dianna Blumricl Funny, but in the end I wanted the duct tape on the furniture. In fact, it was when I tried removing the tape that I realized duct tape would be perfect and sticky to make a cover for the stool. So far it's holding up great. :)

  • Sonali Mishra Sonali Mishra on Apr 16, 2015
    Love it!! And i agree with you...'you havent lived until you have tried to weave duct tape'! Gosh!! How did you do it?? Tips please. 😊

    • @Sonali Mishra First cut the tape a bit longer than the widest part. Then I wove the tape on my kitchen counter into a square first. I did this like making a woven pie crust. I held tape in place by sticking over a corner while I laid the threading strip in place. After my square was made, I lifted my woven tape and taped to the stool top. Then using a blade cut to fit just inside the roll edging. There are more photos on the website. What type of furniture are you doing? I would only try this on a stool top. Wish I could do our leather couch that's cracking!! :)