Shelf Styling Ideas

30 Minutes
If you are a collector like me, you're probably always looking for ways to change things up on your shelves. I thought I would share a few photos of my dining room hutch with various diplays. Grouping items together by color and layering contrasting textures seems to make items pop. Notice how, by adding the wood tray behind the tureen, the white does not get lost in the white background. It also reflects the shape, color and texture of the farm table.
This more streamlined look has a simplified feel. The contemporary frames work well with "modern country" decor and a more minimal grouping.
White, white, and more white! Most collections look best grouped all together, rather than dispersed around the room with other items. You can even mix totally dissimilar items together and yet, being unified by the "all white" theme, they look like they all belong together.
Building layers of height and texture with antique wooden boxes, baskets, and varying metal vases and containers is a great way to infuse personality.
Notice how the color scheme is the same as the previous photo, even with different objects. It can be fun to hunt through your house looking for items that match your palette!
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