Trash Picking Completed

5 Materials
3 Weeks
My darling husband said drive by that house. Now I have to tell you my husband hates for me to trash pick or dumpster dive. This house had a round table with great legs . He said do you think you can do something with that ? I looked at him like huh !?
Great legs!
See it has great legs. The table is solid and the feet have feet that you can adjust to make it more stable. Sweet. It is super heavy too.
Here is the top, this is just peeling off in chunks. At one time this table was beautiful. Soon it will be beautiful again.
Here is a close up. Not pretty anymore.
I grab the tools and start to work, it comes up pretty well .
Let’s sand it down to see if it is beautiful under this design.
Yikes ! Oh no it’s not wood it’s laminate , pressed wood. So I am at a stand still. Used stripperfound those great legs are plastic. So will just paint it and see what we end up with.
So I decided to paint it all white. I sprayed it to make sure it was even , since it wasn’t real wood .
Then after it had dried I grabbed a natural sponge and did some marbling to the top. After this step I did the legs a solid color.from here I was at a stand still. Couldn’t think of what to do next. Then one of my girlfriends and I were talking about her horses. The horse may have to be put down . She’s lame and not getting any better with medication. Now I had an idea. The folk art wood tint is to be used on raw wood. But I color outside the lines. That stuff is amazing !
I sketched up her horse or as close as I could without going to her barn and drawing the horse.
Here she is all complete except for putting a coat of Polly on it. I have to keep it till Christmas it’s her gift from me.
It is here where it belongs . Sad to say Skeeter got her wings January 20. In Loving Memory Skeeter.
Suggested materials:
  • Citrus strip   (Home Depot)
  • Sand Blaster Pro sand paper   (Home Depot)
  • Folk art wood tint.   (Joann’s)
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