Coca-Cola Themed Kitchen Pantry

Welcome to my pantry. Don't you feel at home here? Thank goodness I took classes in interior design and professional organization. Clearly they paid off tenfold.
(Actually I've never taken those classes; does that mean I have no class?)
As much as I loved the look and functionality of this sweet little pantry, I decided to change it up a bit. So, the first thing I did was clean out my pantry, load all my crap on my front porch like a hillbilly, and make all my neighbors mad.
Just kidding.
It's not hillbilly at all.
It always amazes me which question will come up most frequently on these posts. Everyone wants to know what happened to all the junk that was in the pantry before. Rest assured, no tools or vacuums were harmed in the building of this pantry. They've been moved to the basement to their forever home. And they're quite happy there. Moving on...
I drew up a bit of a plan:
We ordered bare, ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets from the Cabinet Joint. After priming (all 80 pieces), we painted with Benjamin Moore Advance in white, and Behr Premium Plus tinted to match the Glidden color we like to call Candy Apple. Actually, Glidden calls it Candy Apple, so let's just go with that.
I thought concrete countertops would be a great DIY project. In the end, I love them, but that whole gig was a bit of a pain. Below you see where we formed up pour-in-place tops.
We bit the bullet and purchased a wet concrete diamond polisher and sealed with 511 sealer.
Backsplash tile was next. I originally wanted a diagonal pattern, and while I'm quite certain Phil believes I intentionally choose things in order to make his life miserable, I really don't. And to prove I'm easy, I acquiesced to his request to keep the tiles square to the room.
Here's the pattern I ultimately decided on:
And...more cabinets!
This little space already looks amazing, but let's get our stuff in there!
Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby!
This is absolutely my favorite space in the house.
My sister calls this my "Sleeping With The Enemy" cabinet. I can't imagine why.
The ever-present Eddie continues to supervise.
Grab a glass!
Let's take one more look, shall we?
Ahhh...Have a Coke and a Smile! I sure did!
This is a very abbreviated post. You can visit my blog below for more details. Thanks for visiting!

Delusions of ingenuity
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  • Just Joan Just Joan on Jun 04, 2016
    First, I luv your work, it's cheery, retro, a professional couldn't have done better! My question is about the cupboard depth, did you order them or cut them to make them more shallow? We want to do that with upper cabinets, so they're not so "in your face" when working at the counter. Kudos on a great job done!

  • Sonia Burrows Sonia Burrows on Jun 05, 2016
    What is the size of this pantry? It looks similar to my small pantry of 5.5 ft by 6 ft. If it's close in size to mine I think I've hit the mother lode to redoing mine.

  • Sonia Burrows Sonia Burrows on Aug 09, 2016
    Hi. I forgot to ask how high up you went with the top cabinet.


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