Laundry Room Makeover

Who wants an icky boring laundry room?? I spend a lot of time in there-I may actually WANT to do my laundry now!
BEFORE: Typical laundry room...boring...stacks of clothes...random catch-all of crap.
AFTER: My masterpiece :)
Why purple? Because we already had a can in the garage from the people who sold us the house :) I love free stuff. I've been slowly collecting these purchases over the past few months and I'm so proud to finally show the finished product!
The frames from the prints were from a Michael's sale, the prints themselves were a pinterest find ( but I ended up making my own because I needed 4.
Those adorable porcelain birdies were a Michael's find during their home-decor sale, and the soap container is from AtHome (used to be Garden Ridge). It's looks glass but it's actually plastic! I have one at my kitchen sink too for dishwasher tabs.
The tin buckets are actually from our wedding. The faux hydrangeas were a Goodwill find for .99
I scored those GIANT safety pins on Amazon! The soft hangers were a gift from my momma, from the DOLLAR STORE of all places!
The "Lost Socks" sign was a World Market find if you can believe that!! I found the "Keep the Change" sign on Amazon, I'll be honest-it's not my favorite. Someone could do a much cuter job if they made it themselves.
The cord wraps were a fly-by-the-seat project, I originally bought buttons to make for them but of course I made them to short haha. I love the bows though, I think they turned out just precious!
The adorable dainty rose hanger is also from Michael's! You know the little dollar bins at the front of the store? YEP, that's where I found it! My ironing board is a cheapo from Walmart, here's the link to my how to for the gorgeous cover:

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  • Suzanne Suzanne on Jan 20, 2017
    CANDY - why don't you get a light weight, easy to move, folding screen to hide your laundry area. Easy to put back in place when not needed.