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First of all - THIS FIREPLACE IS NOT USED AND NEVER HOLDS A FIRE OF ANY TYPE. It actually has a fake fire that uses a light bulb and rotating gizmo for pretend fire - no heat - no worries. If you use your fireplace - you must remove any and all type of cushions, pillows, blankets, papers, plastic, etc. - Anything that would be flameable. Use Common Sense - Stay Safe Everyone!

This is my second Fireplace hearth project. The first hearth cushion project I created is on HT (https://www.hometalk.com/diy/build/furniture/have-a-seat-please-38157277) and was a project involving redoing what my daughter and husband had originally created to project their young toddlers from sharp edges. It was also a fireplace that was not used for fires of any type.

Those same toddlers that were the inspiration of the first cover visit my house so I wanted to soften the hard rock edges giving them some protection along with creating a favorite corner to hang out in.
Start with measurements. Length and depth. The Rock fireplace provides an uneven back surface so measure from the point that extends the most to how far you want your seat to be to get the depth. I had these not so awesome support poles that were boxed out to work between as well. This is in a basement setting.
I spied a 20 inch deep board at my daughter's that they didn't need that was 77 inches long. Perfection! Just what I needed but a tad too deep. I didn't have the tools to cut down at my house so made do with it as is.
Next add the foam to eyeball what is needed. I had an 82" piece of 4 inch high high density foam that was only 18 inches wide left from the previous hearth project. I had purchased 36" wide foam with the thought that I could get two hearth cushions out of it. Since my board was 20 in deep; I had to cut 2 inch slivers of the left over 4 inch foam to fill in the space to get to the 20 inches. It worked and it is hidden later by batting and material. Only you and I know ..
I also had some 2 inch foam left over and decided to make a foam front piece to add protection at the corners. I used spray adhesive to glue the 2 inch foam to the 4 inch foam.
I turned over and let the weight of the 4 inch foam help set the adhesive and get a good connection with the 2 inch foam.
Next I added 1 inch batting. I started with the foam front ledge piece. I carefully pulled the batting over the 2 inch foam ledge and then stapled close to the board. If the foam bends, just loosen the tension; I was not too worried as knew that the material would secure. Start in the middle on the longest side and work your way out. Then do the other long side stretching batting taut. Finish up by doing the ends and start in the middle again and work your way out.
Next I added the material wrap and started with front again. This is leftover material from another project - office chair upcycle..(https://www.hometalk.com/diy/home-office/furniture/office-chair-upcycle-38661720) I like finding multiple uses for things that I purchase for projects. This material was a steal at $2.50/yd so I bought what they had left (about 4.5 yds). My underside work will not win any awards but I did trim it up and it sits level.
Spray with Scotchgard to help your cushion stay stain free at least temporarily :) from those lil crumb crunchers..

Lastly, turn on some sparkle and cozy up with the grandkids for a book or two. They love the cushion and even asked if they could sleep there. This is easy for an adult to move but heavy enough to stay in place for little ones rambunctious energy.
Again, I will emphasize - THIS IS A NON-WORKING FIREPLACE!!!!! You cannot leave a cushion or anything flammable on your hearth if planning to burn a fire (wood, gas, or candles). Remove all flammable items. Please be safe and DIY away !

This is just to show the simulated fire that the landlord has in this apartment. No fires are allowed so the apartment comes with this and a remote instead instead :) No physical warmth but the look is warming
Suggested materials:
  • Medium weight cotton blend fabric   (Walmart)
  • High Density Foam   (Foam Factory Inc)
  • Spray Adhesive   (Walmart)
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  • Lisa Lisa on Oct 01, 2018

    It is awesome being a grandparent, isn't it?!!! I only have one question: did you seal the fabric to make it easier to clean?

  • Michelle Michelle on Oct 23, 2018

    Where can I get the fire inset ?

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