Back Yard Coffee Table. Top Made of Concrete With Crushed Wine Bottles.

Tony Lodel
by Tony Lodel
This is my first attempt at making outdoor lawn furniture.
I formed the top on the 4x4 cedar legs. The concrete top is 2 inches thick with a 1 inch additional edge. After I mixed and pouring the cement I than added in the crushed wine bottles. With a 2x4 as my strike off tool I taped the glass into the cement. I than ran the strike off toll back and forth until the cream came back to the top with scraping off any of the extra cement. After curing for two day I pulled the forms and let sit another day.
Table before wet polishing.
Table top after first round of polishing. Top is 2 feet by 4 feet.
This is a pic to show how I made the base.
Just finished wet polishing.
Finished product. I still need to apply sealer to both the bas and the top.
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  • Carol Carol on May 25, 2017

    what is "wet polishing"?

  • Slg22725097 Slg22725097 on Jun 05, 2017

    Can you describe the "form" you used for the cement? I want to use this to make a bench in my back yard. Beautiful idea. Thanks

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  • Jim-Jo Bromwell Jim-Jo Bromwell on Jul 22, 2018

    I too, would like to know more detailed steps to this project!

  • Edi Ramos Donelson Edi Ramos Donelson on Jul 22, 2018

    I've had in mind to make a table like this one. However if helping others make one like this is the point, the writer uses poor communication to do it. I know what to do cos I’ve created much before. But for those who have not, they’re lost, especially because working with cement for table tops is tricky, requiring special techniques.

    Poorly written, though nice results.