Coffee Nook

I have a lonely outlet and an odd corner. Decided I needed a coffee nook and open some counter top space.
Materials to start the project. A small pallet, scrap moulding and four balusters.
I never realized how difficult it would be to take apart a pallet, but after some work I got it apart. Time to glue and brace the pieces needed. Used the remainder of the pallet and scrap wood and created a homemade vise.
While the top dried, I got to work on the base.
After prepping the top, I decided to try some homemade stain ideas. First brush brewed tea onto the wood and topped with a vinegar and steel wool stain. I couldn't believe how quickly the color changed.
After several coats of poly to protect the top, she's ready for some coffee.
Please overlook the wallpaper. I have become blind to it, but now with a few finished kitchen projects it is def. time to spend a weekend stripping the walls and painting. I'm still on the hunt for a few accessories, hoping to find a vintage canister coffee and tea set. Still deciding on whether or not I still like the shelf on the wall or want to do something else. But a girl needs her coffee in the meantime. :)
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