Space-Saving Idea: How To Organize Foil and Plastic Wrap

My kitchen isn't the largest, so storage space is a bit tight. I'm always thinking of clever ways to keep things in order.

Recently, I faced the challenge of finding a good spot for my saran wrap and foil—they were stored in a hard-to-reach cupboard above the fridge.

That's when I decided to create a system to organize foil and plastic wrap. I found a convenient spot on a door near my oven. This not only made them easy to grab but also solved my storage issue.

This project is perfect for anyone looking for smart storage ideas for small spaces.

Tools and Materials:

Command hooks

Dowel rod

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Measure hook placement

1. Measure and Mark

Begin by measuring where the hooks should be placed. Use a marker or pencil to make small dots on the inside of the door, indicating where the hooks will go.

Stick hooks on door

2. Attach Hooks

Afterward, wipe the inside of the door and, once dry, stick your hooks in place.

Place your dowel rod to make sure you are happy with the placement of the hooks. If necessary, trim the dowel rod to fit as it will be inserted through the center of the roll.

Poke a hole in the box

3. Choose Your Storage Method

You have two options for hanging the plastic and foil. You can either store the roll directly on the dowel rod, which worked best for me. Alternatively, hang the entire box with the foil or plastic on the hooks.

Some of these boxes come with holes on either side, simplifying the process of sliding the dowel through. If not, use a skewer to create a hole in the sides of the boxes, allowing you to easily slip the dowel through.

More Organizing Tips

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DIY foil and plastic wrap organizer

How To Organize Foil and Plastic Wrap

Now, you've got a fantastic foil and saran wrap organizer that doesn't take up valuable space in your cupboards.

I've been using this for a few weeks, and it's proven much more convenient than reaching up above the sink.

Have you tried a similar setup or have another great idea for storing these items?

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  • Katen Katen on Dec 21, 2023
    Blessed with drawer that holds all that rolls. Most every thing comes with cutter or slide cutter. I just leave in drawer, pull what I need, and close drawer. But you never know, may move and need this idea. Merry Christmas