Repurposing IS Recycling IS Repurposing IS Recycling...

I am always amazed at how much trash one person can generate so I try to purpose my garbage whenever I can.
Some companies now use a cardboard tray but for those who still use plastic - repurpose!
This is just one way I use some of my plastics.
These are great drawer dividers for narrow, shallow drawers.
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  • Llc Llc on Apr 28, 2019

    EXACTLY Martha!!! I've always saved things like these. They're perfect for any drawer, any room. I've recently started organizing the office/spare room into a craft center. LOL.....I'm starting to stock pile tons of simple little "used to be throw-aways" to supply my craft center with. (even the sticks from frozen corn-dogs. They wash up easy and are perfect for stirrers and a hundred different uses. Like adjusting the twine onto the adhesive sprayed bottle I'm making to hold diluted dishsoap next to the kitchen sink). Anyway.....yeah....I'm practically "hoarding" any and all little containers like this for this exact purpose!!!! Why spend money on things like that when you've already "bought" one. Don't like the color??? SPRAY PAINT OR CONTACT PAPER IS A GOD-SEND!!! LOL

  • Carmen Valentic Carmen Valentic on Mar 27, 2020

    I prefer to reuse recyclables whenever I can for as long as I can before I actually take them to the depot. But, sometimes I want them to be useful for longer than that. Thank you for sharing your simple way of doing so, too.