Easy Dollar Tree Basket Makeover - $1 DIY Farmhouse Look

3 Materials
1 Hour
I love a good Dollar Tree makeover! I needed a few catch-all baskets, and I just loved the size and shape of this one that I found for just $1 from the Dollar Tree.
Boring $1 Basket
Grab any wicker basket. Mine is from Dollar Tree, but you could totally grab one that you already have or go thrifting for a good deal.
Add your base color paint to a jar/cup and add equal parts water. Stir well.
Paint 1 or 2 coats of paint to the basket, depending on how opaque you would like the color to be. This color will show just a little on the finished basket.

Note that you can always use an old rag to wipe some of the paint away if you want less paint.
Next, mix your second color with water. You want just a little more paint than water.
Wait until your basecoat is completely dry. Then, wipe some paint off of your brush and gently brush a thin layer over the basket. Use long strokes, light strokes.
The next step is to add a third color. I like for the top 2 layers to be the same color, but different tones. The third layer will show the most, so keep that in mind.

Add 2/3 paint and 1/3 water to your jar, and make sure to wipe most most of the paint off of your brush before painting.

Use long, gentle strokes and make sure that your second paint color is dry before applying.
The last step is to add your fourth color.

Add just a little water to your paint, take most of the paint off of your brush, and add just a small amount of this color.

This is the accent color, so add just a little at a time until you're happy with how it looks.
I love this Fixer Upper look!
There you have it! I love how the blue barely peeks through. I use this one for sunglasses, and I'm planning on using another one for notebooks.
Suggested materials:
  • Basket   (Dollar Tree)
  • Paint   (Michaels)
  • Paint Brush   (Dollar Tree)
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