Adding Rope to the Chain on a Porch Swing

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Happy April!! It’s finally warming up and feeling like Spring here in Arkansas!

Before winter my husband surprised me with a porch swing. I knew right away that I wanted to paint it and add rope to the chain, but I ended up having to wait for warmer temps.

Adding rope to the chain on a Porch Swing

For the rope I used 3/4” twisted Manila hemp. I purchased 50’, but ended up with 20’ extra.

Click here for the rope!!

Measure from the top of your swing to the ground. Then add about 6 extra feet to ensure you have enough to make the twists and ties.

I searched all over for a tutorial on this, but didn’t have much luck. I found one that used zip ties to attach the rope to the swing and I tried that initially.

But, that wasn’t the look I was going for, so I cut the ties and started over! I commonly have to redo my projects so no biggie 😂😂.

Start by unbraiding around 2’ of one end. Get it to 3 strands.

This is what it looks like in 3 strands.

Now take two of the strands through the eyelet and tie it off to the third strand. I did add a zip tie here for added support and hid it inside the knot.

You will have around 2’ hanging over.

Re-braid the part hanging down and then tie a knot at the bottom. Then unbraid all the strands to give it a frayed look. After everything was done I took an extra single piece of the rope and tied it around to secure this piece hanging down to the chain.

Now just twist the rope all the way down the chain. I wanted a looser twist, but you could also make a tight twist if you have enough rope.

Now at the spilt I took the rope around the front part of the chain and then once again untwisted the rope to make 3 strands. I took one strand around one direction and the second one the opposite way to have a gathered look. I did this twice and then took the rope off the outside.

I then braided the rope back twisted around the bottom part of the chain and then unbraided (yes again) the rope.

I took one strand through the eyelet and tied it to the other two strands.

I re-braided the rope tied a knot where I wanted it to end and then unbraided all of this strands for the frayed look.

If you love it be sure to pin it for later!!

I love how the rope turned out. I plan on adding some solar twinkle lights and will be making cushions next!

Hope all of this makes sense 😂! It was honestly super hard to put into words so hope the pics help!!

As always thank you so much for stopping by!! If you try this be sure to tag me so I can share!


Suggested materials:
  • Rope   (Amazon)
  • Zip tie
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