Easy DIY Wooden Swing Set

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A super sturdy and easy-to-build DIY swing set for your backyard!

Easy wooden swing set

We finally decided to replace the old plastic play set that we've had since our daughter was 2 years old.

She is six now and definitely needing a bigger swing set!

We shopped around for a new swing set and were disappointed with the prospects. The metal ones looked cheap and flimsy - we wanted something that would stand up to years of heavy use.

So we decided to build on ourselves with pressure treated wood from Home Depot and hardware. Here's how it went!

Choose the brackets

We started by finding the swing set brackets we wanted on Amazon. There are many available similar to this.

We wanted one that would use 4x4s for the support legs so it would be extra sturdy. We were glad we did!

We paid $65 for ours last year and I see them available for $72 currently.

Buy the pressure treated wood

Deciding on the right length of pressure treated wood was next.

We decided to get 10 foot lengths in everything to make it easy and to be sure we had enough. Here's what you will need:

  • One 4x6x10 for the top bar
  • Four 4x4x10s for the support legs
  • One 2x4x10 for the cross support

All of the hardware for attaching these pieces comes with the bracket kit so you are good to go.

All of the pressure treated wood set us back $85.

Cut the wood & drill holes for hardware

We didn't need to cut the 4x6 for the top bar because we wanted to use the full length.

We cut the 4x4 legs to 8 1/2 feet, but we wished we had made them closer to 9 feet for more stability. We'd recommend 9 foot legs.

We cut the 2x4 in half and later cut the angles on it when we decided where it would go on the sides.

We also planned out where the swing hanger hardware would go and attached it while the top bar was still on the ground. See the picture below for details.

Heavy duty swing hanger hardware

We shopped around for the right swing hanging hardware and decided on these heavy duty hangers.

We wanted to be able to swing without worry (hey mom and dad like the swings, too) and other styles had weight limits of 115 lbs. Not going to work!

They are $20 each from Home Depot. So we spent $60 total for the three sets.

Attach swing hanger hardware

This rough sketch shows where we attached the hardware to the top bar.

The swings needed to be at least 18 inches from the edge of the 4x6 top bar.

So we drilled the holes 18 inches in from the end for the first hanger on each side.

A distance of 18 inches apart worked for our swings and trapeze bar, too.

That left us with 15 inches on each side of the center.

Assemble the frame

Next we assembled the frame on the ground and then tipped it up into it's standing position.

We attached the side 2x4 braces at the widest part the piece would fit. We marked the angle cut to make it look nice and finished.

Attach swings etc

As I mentioned we already had a swing with a flexible seat and a trapeze bar from our previous swing set. So all we had to purchase was one additional swing.

The little one looks on as we put the finishing touches on her new swing set!

Ground anchors

We did add ground anchors because when two people are swinging at the same time the feet tend to rock up off the ground a bit.

My husband drilled a holes at an angle through the bottom of the feet and pounded a 24 inch threaded rod into the ground. He screwed a bolt onto the end to keep it in place. They are cheap at only $2.58 each at Home Depot.

These anchors hold the swingset down nicely.

Completed swing set & cost breakdown

She and her friends love the swing set!

Here is how much we spent on our DIY swing set:

  • Brackets: $65
  • Wood: $85
  • Swing hardware: $60
  • Anchors: $10

The total before any swings is $220. While isn't cheap it is super high quality and very sturdy. This will be the last swing set we make for her and it should still be in great condition when she's done with it.

Suggested materials:

  • 4x4x10 pressure treated lumber   (Home Depot)
  • 4x6x10 pressure treated lumber   (Home Depot)
  • 2x4x10 pressure treated ;lumber   (Home Depot)
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Leah Althiser
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