What can I use to make outdoor curtains?


I want to hang some colorful curtains on my covered porch this spring, and want to know if anyone has any suggestions, on how to do it cheap? As you can see from the 2 pictures, the porch is being redone, so that it is all maintenance free. I had thought about just buying some regular interior curtains, but afraid they will fade so much. Any ides would be appreciated. PS, I do not sew. (no sewing machine).Thanks

q what to use for out door curtains
q what to use for out door curtains
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  • Painter's drop cloths are a good option and you could use clip-on curtain rings.

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Mar 11, 2020

    Hi Dee, here is an idea. It looks like it is no- sew and only uses grommets. Check it out here:


  • Gk Gk on Mar 11, 2020

    Hello Dee! I am not sure if you want heavier curtains for your porch for lots of privacy or some pretty sheers. You could try hanging some blinds as well as curtains so you can raise them up and down according to the weather especially wind and rain. I shop around for curtains and have found some really great deals at Menards and Lowes. Here's an inexpensive idea to hang curtains on your porch. Another idea is to use eyehooks and wire. Anything you hang will get faded from the sun and will have to be replaced periodically.


  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Mar 11, 2020

    Hi Dee, shower curtains will work

    • Garfie Garfie on Mar 19, 2020

      Totally agree. I used clear as I have a great few from my deck. PVC pipe were my rods and closed beaded shower curtains were used for hangs. My laundry is also on the deck.

      These keep the rain out, rare snow flaking, and holds in a/c and heat in winter. I cool and heat just so I can change out loads. If the weather is nice, I simply push they open.

      One can use designed shower curtains for color and highlight. Be certain the curtains are heavy duty. Cleaning is simple, put them in the washer and dry on low to soft and avoid molding. Mine have been up and in use for 3 years now. They are in great shape and withstood a hurricane by securring, by wrapping with plastic moving strips, around the deck posts. My deck has a roof.

  • Deb K Deb K on Mar 11, 2020

    Hi Dee, here are a few ideas for you to try, hope they help you out,



    Dee, you can add color to the drop cloth curtains with acrylic paints

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Mar 11, 2020

    I would go with some nice shower curtains. They are designed to stand up to the rain and won't be terribly expensive to replace. Looks like you need a rocker or swing for a perfect relaxation spot.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Mar 11, 2020


    Using the inexpensive Sunbrella fabrics would be very costly. So would are using drop cloths which would be very heavy and possibly prone to mold and mildew. We have a canvas cotton will cover and it molds mildews quite easily.

    I would suggest using something less expensive that you can launder right in your washing machine.

    Sometimes mold growth cannot be prevented in outdoor situations depending upon your climate and humidity level. Shower curtains are usually polyester nylon and can be easily washed.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 11, 2020

    Hello Dee,

    Shower Curtains, or Blinds..........

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Mar 11, 2020

    What a lovely porch! I'm thinking drop cloths are the answer. They're inexpensive, washable, and come in multiple sizes. You can paint on designs or dye them. Some have grommets on the sides - or you can just add grommets to hang them on poles or hooks attached to the underside of your current covered porch. And, if there's an issue with wind, you can deal with that by cutting slats in the canvas and/or adding weights or more grommets & hooks at the bottom. I'd love to see the end result of this project is. Have fun with this DIY, Dee!

  • Beth Beth on Mar 11, 2020

    As others have mentioned, I'd check out your local second-hand shops and look for something like a shower curtain or other rugged-looking fabric.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 11, 2020

    Shower curtains are a good suggestion. I use drop cloth for most projects that I need inexpensive yardage for. Sheets come in a variety of colors, are easy to wash and can be inexpensive. No hem? Use curtain clips. I was pricing them recently for a project, and found them in every finish. Good luck!

  • Hands down, painters drop cloths. Can easily be embellished and so easy to install with curtain clips and to launder when needed. Plus they are really inexpensive and easy to find. Any hardware or home improvement center will have in stock.

  • Dee Dee on Mar 11, 2020

    Wow your porch is going to be beautiful. You can use drop cloths to make outdoor curtains. Or if you want to spend a little more money buy "sunbrella" fabric and make your own curtains. Hand with electrical conduit, and drapery rings.

  • Janice Janice on Mar 11, 2020

    Absolutely this is the place for drop cloths. Lots of yardage for a great price. They could be dyed if you want colors or even painted in stripes, designs, etc. with paint of most any type. The sky's the limit. A few hooks installed inside the porch could make it super easy or you could make rods using pvc pipes. Floor cloths can aslo be made out of the paint drop cloths. Other ideas a king size sheeets flat sheets.

  • Jane Doe Jane Doe on Mar 11, 2020

    Go to an awning store and look at their inventory for ideas

  • Sue Sue on Mar 12, 2020

    I used cheap sheer curtains on my screened porch and they work well and launder well. This will be my third year using the same ones. I live in Florida (land of mold and mildew) so being able to launder them is a big plus.

  • Pearl Wagner Pearl Wagner on Mar 12, 2020

    I would use fabric shower curtain in color or design of ur choice and u can get them at Family Dollar, Dollar General, walmart or online fairly cheap

  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 12, 2020

    Hi Dee: You can buy the bamboo curtains rather cheaply, or use some pvc pipes (really inexpensive) and hang shower curtains on them. You can get the curtains from the thrift stores or outlet stores pretty cheaply. Good luck

  • Kathy Kathy on Mar 13, 2020

    I agree with all my fellow hometalkers. Go for shower curtain( s).

  • Linda Grieve Linda Grieve on Mar 13, 2020

    I have used sheer white indoor curtains for years around our deck. I like to see out at least a little. They last for years. I pick them up at recycle shops or Goodwill or Ross's.

  • Lee Rakoskie Lee Rakoskie on Mar 14, 2020

    I used these from ikea, on plumbing pvc hanging on hooks - so I can remove during hurricanes and winter : https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/lill-lace-curtains-1-pair-white-90111980/

  • Sheila Sheila on Mar 14, 2020

    Que casa linda!!!

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Mar 14, 2020

    There are so many great outdoor curtain ideas here:


  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 6 days ago

    Use Shower Curtains!