Shiplap Garage Walls? YES !

by Cindi
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My garage is now an awesome place to hang out … my new She Shed
  1. Here is my very small garage with ugly walls, the drywall mud was so thick on the walls I didn't know how to cover it. Do I sand and remud and prime & paint the walls? Too much work and dust …. Shiplap ! That's the answer. I purchased approx. 4 sheets of the cheapest 4x8 plywood and 5" strips for me.
If you have a nail gun it doesn't take a lot of time at all. If no nail gun you may use No more nails or finishing nails. I wanted the walls a light grey, I bought flat grey paint and washed the boards with a wet cloth, I washed some boards before and after placing on the walls, heck it's only a garage, anything goes.
Here is the mess behind the curtains
Hung bike to the wall to keep off the floor
I wanted to hide storage items below my bench so I purchased 2 drapery panels with grommets for only $10 each and cut in half then just used a staple gun to attach to my bench
I used piping and flanges to hang my frequently used tools
I now have my own work area, my son made me this pipe & flange towel holder which works great, no more hunting for a towel/rag, at my finger tips
Oh yes, I just had to add some bling inside the grommets which I didn't add til later
bling from the dollar store, just used a small sot of gorilla glue to attach to the side of my work bench
What a difference after I painted the floor Brick Red …. shows the dust but feels so much cleaner and easier to wipe clean with a damp mop
To hang my hubby's bike I use piping and wrapped foam tubes around the pipes so it won't scratch paint from his bike
Sorry I don't have a step-by-step tutorial on my sign but I just picked up a cork screw from my grocery store and 2 "0" house number signs, the "S" hook I purchased from Lowe's and finally the half wine glass from Amazon
Just use bull dog glue and attach to the sign, I had to add 1x2 behind the sign to make room for the stem of the glass, I only paid $12.00 plus shipping for 2 wine glasses. Added corks for décor
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  • Halfcut Wine glasses   (
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