A Front Yard View Worth Stopping to See

Everything now-a-days is about first impressions. This homeowner took that idea and put it into effect with their home. Impress your guests and welcome them to your home with a beautifully landscaped front yard. Better yet, help conserve our environment’s most precious natural resource in the process, water.
This house was like every other one on the block; shrubs and greenery took over and masked the beauty of what could be. This homeowner decided to change that.
Out went the overgrown greenery and in came a change of scenery with a set of beautiful basalt column fountains.
This is not your ordinary fountain. Below lays a 500 gallon RainXchange system that takes advantage of the rainwater coming from two different gutters on the house. This rainwater keeps the fountain topped off and allows the homeowner to use the excess rainwater for irrigation.
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