American Garden Angel

A found-object Garden Angel "Scarecrow," looking over my strawberries and rhubarb!
My garden angel!

1 porch post

2 porch brackets

1 broken fan trellis

1 piece of scrap wood, cut in two

1 milliner's head

1 straw hat

2 mismatched garden gloves

1 damaged lace tablecloth

1 old rake

1 American flag

Held together with 6 L-bracket angle-irons, and various screws. All materials I had on hand and decided to combine! The porch post that forms most of the "body" is sunk about 18" into the soil. The apron is fastened with wire strung through the loops of the design at the edge of the fabric and fastened to the upside-down fan trellis, which forms her "dress."
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