Cinder Block Fire Place/planter

1 Material
2 Hours
Easy do-it-yourself project. Make sure to use blocks with finished sides.

This project came about by my sitting on my porch swing staring at a blank wall. I thought I need to do something to fill it. I like flowers and fire places why not combine the two?
This is how I did it (with a little help from my friends. First went to Home Depot and got 12 cinder blocks. Then I got my nephew to carry them up to the second story deck.
Now the wall isn't quite so blank anymore ;)
Arranged the blocks with the first row base with the finished side facing out. The next two rows with the holes facing out to hold tea lights.

Two in one! Flower planter and light feature! I love it
The top row had the holes facing up to hold six potted plants. I'm sure you can add or delete blocks to fit your space. I even cut and stained a 2x10 to place on top for the winter. Just remove the potted plants.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed and would give this a chance!

Suggested materials:
  • Cinder blocks and plants   (Home Depot)
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