EMERGENCY Surgery on Sheriff Dan...

2 Materials
60 Minutes
75% off aisle at Hobby Lobby...
These twin fawns were eye balling our garden..
I found this sad, broken, scarecrow at Hobby Lobby last winter. 75% off! Luckily, I can play doctor!
Used some spare flowers, Brica Brac, Twine, Felt, Sharpie to brighten his smile...Patches on his knees, & a new badge!
Unfortunately his nose couldn't be saved. HEY, I'm a doctor not a plastic surgeon!
Sheriff Dan is MUCH happier, & on the job 24/7.
Suggested materials:
  • Scarecrow, Spare flowers, Twine,   (Hobby Lobby, Craft box)
  • Felt, Sharpie Pen.   (Craft box,)
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