Finishing Touch With Edging Stones

by Ivylore
Last season I converted my entire backyard into a flower garden. One of the things I did was to edge the garden with plastic edging. It looked fine. This year I decided to pretty it up a little. So I dug up the dirt between the plastic edging and the driveway. I needed about 2 inches of space so that the pretty scalloped concrete edging stones would fit. After I had dug out the dirt I was able to place the edging stones into place. What a difference it made! Looks so much nicer!
Digging out the dirt to make space for the edging stones
I also have some decorative rocks that I placed at the foot of the pathways.
How it looks now
The curve was a little difficult since I did not have any curved concrete sections :(
Looks so much more inviting now.
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  • Karen Cederquist Karen Cederquist on Sep 15, 2014
    It looks fake! What people do not understand is that yards and walkways look much better with natural material.
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    • Karen Cederquist Karen Cederquist on Sep 17, 2014
      As long as you like it, okay. But you said you didn't have enough rock to finish it. Take a drive out to the countryside, and you would find tons of rocks for free, just along the roadsides. And, companies that grind gravel to make cement would be glad to recycle your cement , so seventies, border.
  • Valerie Valerie on Oct 03, 2015
    I think the edging looks great - and if you were using what you already had, so much the better!